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JPGs Off-Site Consulting Services Group provides technical communication services from our facility in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We supply all the hardware, software, and professional assistance to complete your project on time and on task all while eliminating your overhead costs.

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Industry Experience and Specialties

JPG serves and specializes in the following industries:

  • High-Technology
  • Hardware and Software
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Packaging and Automation
  • Medical Device and Healhcare
  • Engineering
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturing

For immediate attention to your project RFPs or quotations, please review both our ‘Content Studio One™’ and ‘FastTrack™’ pages and decide which strategy which fits your technical communication needs. For immediate one-on-one consultation, please contact us at 651-779-1072, or email us at:

Support Services for Your Team

From our offices in Minneapolis/St. Paul, our professional team can provide the following support services:

  • Technical writing and editing
  • Marketing writing and editing
  • Technical illustrating
  • E-learning development
  • Classroom training (instructional design)
  • User-assistance (help) file development
  • Graphic design (paper and web)
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Website design and user-interface development
  • Video training development
  • Documentation evaluation (critique)

Project Development Support

Additionally, our team of professionals can prepare and support the following project deliverables and documentation.

Projects and Deliverables

  • Technical manuals – hardware, software; external and internal
  • Technical illustrations for manuals, brochures, presentations
  • Training systems (instructional design, e-learning, webinar, and classroom)
  • Help file (user assistance) systems – web-based and local
  • Verification and test documentation
  • White papers, case histories, manuscripts
  • Proposals, research studies, and other technical documents
  • Documentation for all types of processes and procedures
  • 3D modeling and animation for on-line manuals and e-learning
  • Graphic design for manuals, brochures, training presentations
  • Video development for training and marketing

Documentation Development and Support

  • Compliance
  • Product development
  • Internal company standard operating procedures
  • IT and enterprise software
  • Manufacturing processes and procedures
  • Quality assurance
  • Safety
  • Certification
  • Software development
  • Customer training
  • Sale training
  • Employee training
  • Global requirements
  • Translation requirements
  • And more…

Traditional and Contemporary Delivery Options

We are keenly aware that emerging technology has created new forms of delivery. JPG supports content delivery not only on paper and online for the web, but also formats compatible with laptops, tablets, phones, cloud-based, and so on.

Let our experts help you find a solution that works best for you. Contact our team today.