Optional Support Services

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Purchased Services | Departmental Facilitation | Project Management

JPG offers additional staffing and consulting options to ensure that the challenges of your project needs are satisfied.

General Consultation for Technical Communication Projects

A unique aspect of JPG is our many years of experience in the technical communication business. Our clients appreciate that experience and realize the value-added benefit of doing business with JPG. For the short-term day-to-day questions, we can provide direct feedback on any immediate publications questions or challenges you may have about delivery strategies, tools, project planning, current methodology options, etc. For the long-term “big picture” projects that require evaluation, planning, and implementation, we can provide consultants who are experienced in specific niche areas. These experts can be assigned to your projects on a consulting basis so as to assist you with many of today’s relevant documentation challenges, such as content management, E-learning, newer delivery options, etc.


Individual Candidate Facilitation (Sourcing)

JPG can (at the request of the client or candidate), intercede as an individual contract facilitator between client and candidate to fulfill employee payroll, tax with-holding, worker’s compensation, and insurability requirements to the mutual satisfaction of both client and candidate.


Purchased Services

Our staffing options expand even further with the strategy of engaging JPG on a purchased services basis (versus the hiring and managing of individual consultants) to supplement your full-time permanent staff. In other words, JPG can do all the hiring, project management and resource management. Changes in staff are transparent to the client company. Funding for such an arrangement is typically executed on a blanket PO basis (annually), or on a project-by-project quotation/PO basis. In summary, purchased services can be viewed as a self-operating organization within the client company.


Departmental Facilitation (Management)

On occasion, JPG has been queried by clients who have existing communication departments within their corporate environment. These types of clients are generally seeking an outside consulting company to assume the role of publications consultant, payroll and benefits facilitator, and human resources manager. In response, JPG can submit a proposal as a staff facilitator to assume responsibility of the identified department staff. This strategy can be implemented on a purchased services basis, as referenced above.


Project Management

Every off-site consulting project for which JPG submits a project for which JPG submits a proposal includes managing 100% of the project time line—from concept through delivery.


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