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Whether your goal is to become a consultant in the long-term or you’d like to become an employee of a large Fortune 500 company, JPG can help you get there! JPG is happy to meet with anyone who is seriously interested in learning more about careers in technical communication.

Consider JPG as your career advisor and representative because of our:

  • Long track-record in the technical communication business
  • Outstanding reputation in the technical communication community
  • Strong and extensive connections in the business community
  • Sensitivity to your career objectives and life-style needs
  • Keen awareness of your value in the marketplace

Seasoned Professional

JPG works with technical communication specialists at all levels of experience. For the seasoned professional, we offer options from full-time temporary, to temp-to-hire, to direct-hire. We offer options for those who are independent consultants and work out of their home office—such as “by the project” opportunities where the client may require on-site visits as needed. And because JPG gets requests from coast-to-coast, we also have project arrangements that are 100% remote as well.

For the Less-Experienced

For the less-experienced (i.e. new grads and crossover professionals), temporary/consulting work through JPG is a great way to gain desired experience. Because JPG has built strong relationships with our clients, we’re able to get our candidates interviews with clients that they wouldn’t be able to get through the more traditional routes of applying via a company website.

Please view our “Careers In Technical Communication” PowerPoint presentation for more information!

Recently Retired, But Looking for Part-Time

If you’re moving towards retirement but would still like to keep your skills relevant while earning some extra income, JPG has assignments that fit with your lifestyle! For those who are recently retired from a long-term career with a company, we can assist with securing part-time positions (such as 20 hrs/week), or a position of limited duration (i.e., 3-6 months).

Some of the benefits of temporary/consulting assignments through JPG include:

  • Offers the ability to gain experience in high barrier-to-entry industries (i.e. medical device).
  • Allows for independence in choosing projects that interest you, as well as the ability to choose a variety of projects to broaden your experience.
  • Provides the opportunity to have a flexible work schedule, often with the option of working from home.
  • Frees you from the politics of a corporate environment.
  • Exposes you to an environment where you can develop problem solving skills, as well as learn how to work independently
  • Higher pay rates

Explore Career Opportunities…

If you would like to explore career opportunities with JPG, please email a resume (in MS Word format) to our HR Department, use our online form submission to upload your resume to our HR Department, or call us at 651-779-1072.