Client Testimonials


“JPG is my first choice for contract technical writers and graphic designers. He is also very well connected to companies in the metro and I know many writers who want to work with him. Jerry has been a great resource for me over the years.” ~Regulatory Operations Manager


“JPG  is a “one stop shop” for technical communication needs. Jerry and his staff are well connected with area talent and can bring many different possible resources to the table. JPG has helped me complete several Technical Documentation projects on time and within budget. The pricing was fair and the negotiation process and invoicing very transparent and easy.” ~Training Manager


“My organization has used JPG to write and publish technical and customer documentation. JPG has done a good job managing our publications and been very flexible to meet our resource needs during peak and non-peak times. I have found JPG to be a good partner for documentation generation and publication.” ~Customer Service:  Library Systems

FSI Intl

“I have worked with JPG for a number of years, and have contracted several technical writer through JPG. I have always been impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and responsiveness JPG provides. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and resourceful, and the quality of talent they represent is top notch. I am confident in recommending JPG to anyone with technical writing needs. ~Training Manager

AGA Medical

“Integrity is the first word that comes to mind when I think of JPG & Associates. I would rarely (if ever) use this term when referring to other consulting companies I’ve encountered. JPG stands out with their goal of offering the best possible rates to both customers and consultants. They take a modest share while minimizing the customer’s billable rate and maximizing the rate to their consultants. By combining respectful treatment of consultants, competitive rates, and a reputation for honesty, JPG is able to maintain long-term relationships with their best people. I give JPG Associates my highest rating.” ~Technical Writing Consultant

ADC Telecommunications

“I have been impressed with the ability of JPG & Associates to prescreen candidates and refer only qualified candidates for final selection. The caliber of technical candidates submitted by JPG & Associates is always excellent. JPG & Associates honesty and practice of being fair and ethical is a real benefit to all parties doing business with them. I have been very pleased with the service and commitment provided by JPG & Associates and would not hesitate to use them in the future and can strongly recommend them as a provider of quality contract technical communicators.” ~Technical Writing Manager


“When I needed a replacement technical writer for someone who left the company, I reached out to JPG. He listened to my requirements, asked several questions that elicited details I would never have been able to articulate on my own, and provided an ideal candidate (who is still contracting with us). Every time I have gone to him since, he has done the same. I absolutely recommend JPG as a source for high-quality staff.” ~Technical Communications Manager

Red Hat

“I chose JPG over other contract writing services because of the quality of people at JPG & Associates, Inc. and because of JPG’s integrity. While many national contract service have simply thrown resumes at me, Jerry carefully considers candidates to make sure they match the jobs. If I had to secure contract services again, my first step would be to contact JPG.” ~Senior Technical Writer